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Salt. We literally need it to survive.  It's gotten a bad rap over the past few decades but there's no denying that a soft boiled egg or smashed avo on toast is just not the same without it.

We always thought that the Romans were paid in salt, hence the word 'salary'. Have you heard that one too?  According to the team behind the BBC show QI, that one is a common myth.  The QI team enlightened us on a few more salty Roman facts: salad is named because the Romans used salt to liberally season their green vegetables (quite right too! Nothing worse than under-seasoned spinach). And a person in love was 'salax', literally meaning salted, the origin of the word salacious. 

Not all salt is created equal in quality and taste. Personally, we have pretty much left the Saxa behind these days (salting the pasta water being the exception!) in favour of higher quality salts. Our stockist Olsson's is the oldest family owned and operated salt company in Australia, their history stretching back to the arrival of Olaus Olsson from Sweden to Australia in 1878.  Olsson's focused on block salt for livestock for many years. But lucky for us, in recent times they have branched out into gourmet table salts too and haven't looked back!  Their sea salt flakes are used by top chefs in amazing restaurants across the country like Quay, The Bridge Room,  Aria, and Dinner By Heston.

We were particularly taken by Olsson’s Red Gum Smoked Sea Salt, made in collaboration with Pialligo Estate Smokehouse in Canberra after three years of consultation with Ross Lusted from The Bridge Room.  We had to have it!  The ceramic salt cellar, looking all cute and stripey and Cornish-inspired. The little wooden spoon. The actual salt flakes, which smell and taste AMAZING and give the best smokey hit to anything you sprinkle them on.

​We love the connection with Olsson's Scandinavian history too!  

"Smoked salt has been a favourite Scandinavian seasoning for centuries, dating back to the time of Vikings who infused sea salt with smoke from native wood fires. The Olsson family has continued this proud Nordic tradition by smoking their Australian sea salt flakes, from South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, over native river red gum (eucalyptus camaldulensis) for 72 hours in the traditional northern European style at Pialligo Estate Smokehouse, Canberra." - Olsson's.

(Click here to check out the Olsson's website)

So, appropriately, we leave you with this Swedish Proverb, which we have found to be pretty much bang on in life:

“The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea.” 

Olsson's Red Gum Smoked Sea Salt is available in our "the smoked gourmand" gift box or can be added to your own individually curated box!

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