mini gin and tonic
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mini gin and tonic

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This gift is packaged in our black bubble mailer with rose gold foiled sticker and contains:

1 x Patient Wolf Melbourne Dry Gin (50ml)

Patient Wolf is relentless and ruthless in the pursuit of crafting a new, premium Australian Dry Gin. It’s taken time, jet-lag, hangovers and the best part of three years as the Wolfs have shared and refined, listened and learned from ‘those who know’ from around the world. Matt and Dave believe in a new wave of unrestrained craft-led influence that respects tradition yet challenges the future. That blend of old and new is best typified by their handmade, 230L Muller copper still, custom built in Germany. It uses a new technology, which increases copper contact with the spirit to produce a more pure, aromatic and refined distillate.

2 x Strange Love Mixers (180ml):1 x Dirty Tonic + 1 x Light Tonic 

Made in Kyneton, Victoria, in small batches, with plenty of love and irony.  Their motto is "RESPECT THE GIN" and that's a motto we can get on board with!

Tonic No. 8 Tasting Notes:
A hard-hitting Indian tonic, the No. 8 blends premium cinchona extract with bitter orange and lemon peel for a truly sublime mixing experience. Finished with a hint of juniper, this is the tonic to end all tonics. Perfection.

Light Tonic Tasting Notes:
Light in both form and function, this precise tonic is one for the true believers. Using a sharp fruit sugar, in very low amounts, let us deliver a light, delicate citrus profile that accentuates gin, rather than crowds it. The “Top-shelf” Tony Robbins—this tonic will help your favorite gin fulfill its destiny.

Note: By law you must be 18+years to purchase or receive this gift box as it contains alcohol! 

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