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gin flight

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This gift is packaged in our signature matte black bag with rose gold foiling and contains:

Patient Wolf Melbourne Dry Gin (50ml), Summer Thyme Gin (50ml) and Blackthorn Gin (50ml) (Melbourne, VIC)

Melbourne Dry tasting notes: bright citrus ruby grapefruit and fresh juniper are delicately balanced with subtle spice.

Summer Thyme tasting notes: fresh thyme and lemon gives a lighter, more refreshing gin.

Blackthorn tasting notes: fresh Tasmanian sloe berries are steeped in Melbourne Dry gin for five months giving bright berry flavour with herbaceous green notes.

Strange Love Coastal Tonic, Strange Love Light Tonic and Strange Love Tonic No.8 (Kyneton, VIC)

Made in Kyneton, Victoria, in small batches, with plenty of love and irony.  Their motto is "RESPECT THE GIN" and that's a motto we can get on board with!

Tonic No. 8 Tasting Notes: A hard-hitting Indian tonic, the No. 8 blends premium cinchona extract with bitter orange and lemon peel for a truly sublime mixing experience. Finished with a hint of juniper, this is the tonic to end all tonics. Perfection.

Light Tonic Tasting Notes: Light in both form and function, this precise tonic is one for the true believers. Using a sharp fruit sugar, in very low amounts, let us deliver a light, delicate citrus profile that accentuates gin, rather than crowds it. The “Top-shelf” Tony Robbins—this tonic will help your favorite gin fulfill its destiny.

Coastal Tonic Tasting Notes: With a lively citrus backbone of Sicilian Lemon and Bergamot - emboldened by herbaceous, green undertones of old man saltbush, coastal thyme and sea parsley - StrangeLove Coastal Tonic is perilously hard to make, yet surprisingly easy to drink. Contains a slightly pretentious pinch of Murray River Pink Flake Salt, because salt clearly makes everything in life more enjoyable.

Nougat and Nice Almond and Honey Nougat (100g) (Perth, WA)

Roasted almonds and honey are classic nougat flavours for a very good reason!

Nougat and Nice is a family business located in Perth, started in 2016 by Sarah and Chad Sorensen. Sarah is a qualified patisserie chef and she takes care and pride in making high-quality hand crafted nougat. 

Bahen & Co Confit Orange Peel (Margaret River, WA)

Bahen & Co makes stone ground chocolate from bean to bar.  A traditional approach to chocolate making that returns to a slower pace of a previous time.  With former lives as vignerons, Jacqui & Josh Bahen are on a continual search for fine flavoured cacao.  Building long-term relationships with farmers based on solid principles of mutual benefit, transparent and fair.   By paying direct and cutting out the middleman, we exceed Fair Trade and pay prices that respect the farmer's efforts. 

Restored from a vintage age and lead by a 1930’s Barth Sirocco Ball Roaster and circa 1910 Guitard Melangeur, the chocolate machines operate slow and cool with the wisdom needed to preserve the taste of distant places.


Here confit zests of grove ripened oranges are enrobed in our dark chocolate... Chewy and addictively bittersweet!  

Raise Your Gin mixed dehydrated citrus wheels (Perth, WA)

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll realise that these are the most on trend garnish for your gin and tonic, cocktail or mocktail. A super local mix of orange, grapefruit, mandarin, lemon and lime.

Note: By law you must be 18+years to purchase or receive this gift box as it contains alcohol! 

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