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This gift is presented in a matte black bag with rose gold foil sticker and marble tissue and contains:

  • 2019 La Violetta Patio Nat

This is Riesling and Muscat from the Great Southern in all their fizzy, flighty, cloudy glory. It's hyper floral and crazy drinkable.

Few winemakers bring as much creativity and flair to their label as the mercurial Andrew Hoadley.

With a mischievous, child-like joy, he has set about crafting La Violetta, one of the most fascinating wine ranges in Western Australia, and indeed, the country.

His wines are inspiring, each a creation all of its own. With a mix of single vineyard, single varietal wines and some exotic blends and crazy Pet-Nats, these some of the most thought-provoking wines in the West.

  • Your choice of Hey Tiger Chocolate Orbs

Be Mine Forever- Caramelised white and peanut butter milk come together to make a caramel peanut bite.


Cutie Patootie- Cinnamon white and finger lime white come together to make cola. That's right...cola flavoured chocolate!!


I Love You- Raspberry white and coconut dark come together to make a raspberry coconut rough. VEGAN.


 Note: By law you must be 18+years to purchase or receive this gift box as it contains alcohol! 

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