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This gift is packaged in our gorgeous sleek black bubble mailer.


1 x Theseeke Temple Balm in “Calm it Down” or "Brighten Up"  (10g)

Theseeke uses natural plant based ingredients to create simple, clean skincare. All their products are vegan and are made in small handcrafted batches in Sydney.

Calm It Down Temple Balm contains a blend of relaxing and soothing essential oils such as cypress, lime and lavender, and is great for when feeling anxious or stressed. Calm It Down is perfect for long haul flights or makes a wonderful start to a yoga or meditation session.

Brighten Up Temple Balm is for those who need to focus and revitalise. Great for freshening up after long flights or as a pick me up when concentration & focus are key. Brighten Up is also a wonderful start to a workout or study session.

1 x Edible Beauty Hand Cream

The Edible Beauty product range is made in Sydney and epitomises purity, luxury and quality, as well as the wellbeing and longevity of the skin, body and mind.

An ultra-luxe hand crème enriched with the healing properties of the ocean for intensely hydrated, smooth and soft hands. Precious Sea Hand Saviour is like a velvet glove, encasing your hands in a deeply nourishing cocktail of sea plants, exotic fruits and herbs that synergistically combine together with the ability to restore even the driest of skin, when nothing else can.

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