Father's Day Cocktail and Chocolate
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Father's Day Cocktail and Chocolate

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This gift is wrapped in our signature matte black paper with rose gold ribbon and contains:

1 x Everleigh Bottling Co bottled cocktails (85ml)

Choice of cocktails:

Negroni: Reviewed as 'one of the best Negronis we've ever had. Anywhere. Ever.' by the World's 50 Best Bars. The Negroni is an Italian institution, and is our favourite back-pocket cocktail. The secret is in the vermouth...

Martini: The origins of the Martini are shrouded in mystery; everyone wants a piece of her. Described by author H. L. Mencken as 'the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet', the Martini is so strong and sexy, simply ordering one is enough to make us weak at the knees.  This is our house Martini, a classic 'wet' style with a ratio of gin to vermouth at 2:1.

Old Fashioned: There are many ways to make this drink. Its simplicity means it's even more important to get it right. Our version is what we call the Old Old Fashioned. No salad, no over-dilution, just whiskey, bitters and sugar served over ice.

Manhattan: An elegant, boozy cocktail that dates back to the 1870s. Rich with vermouth and with Rye's spicy kick, the Manhattan is a comparative unsung hero.

Coffee House: The Coffee House is a boozy party starter, featuring cold brew coffee liqueur from our friends at Mr Black. 

1 x Hey Tiger Chocolate Bar (full size)

Hey Tiger is a social enterprise based in Melbourne, making some of the most exciting chocolates we've come across.  With fun names, incredible design, amazing chocolate and profits from each bar supporting communities in West Africa, we really think they are the whole package!

Choice of chocolate flavours:

Best Mates (milk chocolate with coconut and caramelised popcorn)

Game Changer (dark chocolate with hazelnut butter)

The Weekend (milk chocolate with caramel and cracker crumb)

Hello Officer (dark chocolate with whisky and smoke)


Note: By law you must be 18+years to purchase or receive this gift box as it contains alcohol!